Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Calming herbal teas

The benefits of herbal tea

Do you turn to herbal teas when you feel anxious or unwell? I certainly do. As a person who has chronic anxiety, I sometimes need a cup of tea to help me relax.

For me, the number one tea I drink when I’m feeling nauseous from my anxiety, is ginger tea. My beautiful great grandmother would always suggest to have ginger when we were sick. She was a firm believer that it also helped with travel sickness. 

Ginger tea is like a warm comfortable hug. 

Black Leaves ginger tea
Black Leaves Ginger Tea

Another tea I love is lavender tea. Lavender has such a calming effect. It’s the best thing for me to prepare me for bed. I love to have a nice warm bath at night, with a cup of lavender tea and I’m ready for sleep. 

Black Leaves lavender tea
Black Leaves Lavender Tea

What herbal teas do you like?

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