Saturday, 11 April 2020

Happy Shoes By Kung Fu Mary

I am not exaggerating when I say I have been looking for these shoes for years. I used to go into Chinatown in the 80s and buy my happy shoes from there. 

They didn't have the rainbow colours to choose from, they only had the black ones. Then they just disappeared and I never saw them again.

Fast forward to 2020...I'm just flicking through my Instagram and there they are!

The most comfortable and cutest shoes available to buy, thanks to the Sydney based company, Kung Fu Mary

Every colour of the rainbow!

I got the black pair (licorice), the red pair (cherry bang) and the blue pair (blueberry) and the gorgeous tote bag

Happy Shoes by Kung Fu Mary are so comfy that they feel like slippers.

Every colour is beautiful and I hope to add to my collection very soon.

Best of all they are animal free.

This post is not sponsored. I just wanted to share this with my followers because I'm sure that there are many of you that love these shoes as much as I do.

What colours would you choose?

You can find Kung Fu Mary on their website or Instagram.

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