Thursday, 3 January 2019

Remembering the celebrities who passed away in 2018.

In Memoriam. 

Penny Marshall, actress/director. Aged 75.

Stan Lee, comic book legend. Aged 95.

Sondra Locke, actress. Aged 74.

Mac Miller, rapper. Aged 26.

Charlotte Rae, actress. Aged 92.

Emma Chambers, actress. Aged 53.

Dame June Whitfield, actress. Aged 93.

John Mahoney, actor. Aged 77.

Hubert de Givenchy, fashion designer. Aged 91.

Tab Hunter, actor. Aged 86.

Burt Reynolds, actor. Aged 82.

Neil Simon, playwright. Aged 91.

Aretha Franklin, singer. Aged 76.

Anthony Bourdain, chef and TV personality. Aged 61.

Kate Spade, fashion designer. Aged 55.

Verne Troyer, actor. Aged 49.

Avicii, DJ/musician. Aged 28.

Stephen Hawking, theoretical physicist. Aged 76.

Margot Kidder, actress. Aged 69.

Dolores O’Riordan, singer. Aged 46.

Unfortunately, there were many more I could have added but the list would have been too long.

*The images on this page are not my own - they have been sourced from the internet.