Monday, 2 October 2017

Why Are Men So Difficult To Buy For?


It’s a problem that’s plagued wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, daughters and aunts for generations. What do we get for the man who has everything and appears to want nothing? Of course you could always ask your husband or boyfriend what he wants for Christmas but there’s always the chance that he’ll smile at you and say ‘nothing’ (and worse still, he might actually mean it). There’s a romanticism to gift giving that’s utterly lost on the male of the species. There are women out there whose boyfriends have asked for such uninspiring gifts as iTunes vouchers, Kindle credit and even cash for Christmas or birthdays. Jeez… at least socks can be unwrapped! A lot of men have a fundamental lack of understanding that festive gifts should be fun for the giver to buy or at the very least involve a spark of imagination.

The truth is that men aren’t just reticent to tell us what they want, they very often don’t know. If they want something they tend to buy it for themselves, meaning that beloved spouses usually have to use some initiative. Nonetheless, there are still some fairly safe bets when you remember that men are just grown up little boys...


Men are rarely ever going to ask for clothes. They’re not fun in the same way as the gadgets and toys that are usually marketed towards men. Nonetheless, most men will be grateful for clothes as many (especially Dads) are less likely to splash out on nice clothes for themselves. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to buying clothes for the men in your life but it’s best to find a balance between emulating their style and buying something you’d like to see them in. You can buy them clothes for work or home or, in the case of the Dickies life range, clothes that work equally well for both. As tempting as it may be to splash out on a sharp suit, however, it’s important to buy them something that they’ll be able to wear often and feel happy and comfortable in as well as looking good.


Boys love their toys and for many men, a cool piece of tech is the best way to their heart. Games consoles, TVs, mobile phones and tablets are great gift ideas but they’re not the most appropriate for new Mums on a budget. Lower key gifts like bluetooth speakers or fun gadgets like the Amazon Echo which can use voice control for a staggering array of fun uses.


Personalised gifts are very much en-vogue but personalisation goes further than engraving your loved one’s name on a hip flask. You could gift your partner with a watch adorned with the colours of his favourite football team, cufflinks that sport their initials or a framed film cell from his favourite movie. A framed print or canvas using a photograph of a treasured memory is also a great idea (men are often more sentimental than they let on).

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