Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Going Vintage On A Budget

Going out on a vintage binge is going to take a little bit of effort, but that means it’s worth doing. You’ve got to be careful with what you select, as a lot of second hand shops only stock those clothes nobody wants anymore, and the idea of vintage flits from person to person. It can also get super expensive, and thus having your own 50s ball gown may cost you an arm and a leg. So what can you do for your vintage needs when you’re adhering to a budget? Here’s a few ideas.


Check Your Wardrobe First

Often enough, we have hidden gems at the back of our closets that we never even knew were there. Sometimes, a shirt with a frill can be considered a vintage style, so wearing it paired with other similar pieces will make it look more normal than it did when you first tried it on in the shop 2 years ago.

Similarly, ask your older family members if you can dig around in their attic. There’s usually a hoarder or two amongst our closer acquaintances, so use their habits for your own gain in building your perfect vintage wardrobe. A taste of dress that’s actually from yesteryear, instead of being reproduction clothing, is something that will really give you a boost in your step. Give it a try, you never know what you could come across upon opening an old box labelled ‘mugs.’

Look Everywhere

Whatever shop you come across that looks intriguing, take a peek inside. Don’t only shop in the areas you know, as a hidden bargain could be hiding at the back of a lesser known store you wouldn’t usually touch.

Charity shops and secondhand stores will be the strongest contenders here, but make sure those vintage shops that have so many antiques they’re spilling out of the shop front get a fair look too. The owners of these places are usually willing to markdown in order to make a good sale.

If somewhere has a sale, make sure you go there first! You need to get a hold of as many sales as you can when it comes to thrifting for a vintage fix, as we’re not millionaires who can afford every piece we come across.

Use Pins for Your Pinup Look

Having a taste of the 50s aesthetic in your back pocket does wonders for a retro or vintage look. Pins are cheap and small enough that they’re not overpowering when you cover a certain something in them.

Using self designed pins, you can make sure you only wear the elements of days gone by that you want to. Sites such as Woven Label HK allow you to create those enamel pins that a Rocker would adorn in the typical 60s period, and you can even have that pop art Marilyn Monroe print that’s always popular

Being on a budget doesn’t have to hold you back, you just have to be a bit smarter about your purchases.

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