Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Follow The Trends

2017 has seen some crazy fashion trends come with it. There are so many fashion icons out there leading the way in the industry. Some of the best clothes have been brought to us in 2017. Whether it’s a casual look you’re going for, or a more sophisticated look, take a look at these fashion trends of 2017. You might even be able to pull ideas for your summer look.

The Sporty Look

One look the Kardashians have loved to sport this year is a casual sporty look. Especially Kim and Kylie. Kylie most recently appeared in this following pregnancy rumours. All you need is some tight fitted tracksuit bottoms, a crop top, either sporty or normal, and an oversized hoodie or zip up jacket. Complete the look with some trainers, preferably Adidas and you’re away. You can shop the look at site such as The Iconic. Switch between different colours, but try to stick to all neutrals and pastels rather than bright colour. Pastel pink is all the rage right now, and it’d looked lovely for a sporty casual look. This outfit is perfect for just heading to the shops, or out and about in general. And for once, girls can head out in comfy clothes without being judged.

Blouse And Jeans

This has been a classic look for years, but this year celebs in particular, such as Rihanna, have been loving the look. It’s the perfect mix of sophisticated and casual. You’ll need either some medium blue to dark blue jeans, or black. For this look, a white blouse is going to be the best colour. Make sure the jeans are skinny, and preferably slightly ripped. The blouse style is up to you. Either leave it hanging out or tucked in. Some tucked in looks just don’t look right, so see what works best. You’ll also need to purchase some heels to get that sophisticated side of it. Either black, or a creamy/pink colour will look perfect. Finish it off with either an over the shoulder small handbag, or a clutch.

Longline T-shirt Dress

This one was a huge trend of spring, and can easily be followed into the summer season. Shops all over the world rushed to stock up, after Kylie and Kendall Jenner both appeared in one. Again, they’re just the right mix of casual and class. To achieve this look, you’ll preferably need a black long t-shirt dress. Try and get one with a little bit of feature colour on it. Whether that be a pattern or logo. Usually blue or red goes nice against the black. You’ll then need some thigh high boots. Try and find a pair that lace all the way up the front, they’re so in fashion right now. Heeled or not it doesn’t matter, just make sure they’re black. Then to complete the look, finish with a black over the shoulder small bag.

So the fashion of 2017 has seen some more casual looks creep in, we’re not complaining though!

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