Thursday, 5 October 2017

10 Bachelorette Party Ideas To Switch Things Up

Do you want to arrange a unique bachelorette party that won’t simply be forgotten about in years to come? If you want to give the bride an awesome send off, these 10 ideas to switch things up could be perfect for you!

Come Up With A Creative Party Theme

The first thing you could do is come up with a creative party theme. Instead of simply going out and wearing funny props, come up with a theme that the bride will love. Could it be based around her favourite era, band, or film? There are so many fun ways you can make this party stand out!

See A Comedy Show

Instead of going out from bar to bar, getting sore feet, and enduring massive headaches the next day, why not have a laugh instead? Going to see a comedy show will be so much fun for anybody with a sense of humor and it’s a nice change from the norm.

Have Some Relaxed Drinks At A Cool Bar

If you do want some drinks but you don’t really want to go bar hopping, find a relaxed, cool bar and head there. You can then simply go with the flow.


Go For Dinner At Her Favourite Restaurant

If you know the bride to be’s favourite restaurant, why not plan a nice dinner there? Enjoying some yummy food can be many people’s idea of a party.

Get On A Party Bus

Want to party but want something completely different? You can hop on a bus and enjoy drinks as you make your way around an area, going from bar to bar. For party bus rental click here to see what the situation is. This could be a great way to make sure you all have the night of your lives.

Head To A Spa

If you’re more of a group that love to relax and get pampered, a day or two at a spa could be a great way to release any stresses and anxiety before the big day.

Try A Yoga Retreat

If you’re all people who love to exercise, try a yoga retreat! Even those who are new to exercise can join in, as yoga is suitable to everybody. This is a great way to inject some uplifting, positive energy into the group.


Go To A Live Drawing Class

Want to bond over a brand new activity together? Then go to a live drawing class. This can be a lot of fun and you might just discover skills you never knew you had.

Leave A Little Wiggle Room

If you’re planning a whole weekend, make sure you leave a little wiggle room. People will want to relax and catch up, not spend the whole time rushing from place to place!

Don’t Tell Her What You’re Doing

How about keeping the whole shindig a surprise? If the bride is the kind of person who can handle surprises, go for it!

Are you going to try one of these 10 bachelorette party ideas? Leave your comments and any of your own unique ideas below!

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