Friday, 29 September 2017

Dress For Less: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

We love shopping for clothes, but you have to admit, it can get rather expensive. Sometimes, we have to be content with window shopping, and only dream of what might have been. After all, we still have to pay those pesky bills each month, and our Netflix subscription isn’t going to pay for itself. And hey, you don’t need every outfit that arrives in the store, do you? Curb the temptation ladies! However, it is possible to look good and wear something with style and elegance, without breaking the bank. We have some great tips for you in this article. Here is how you can save money and dress for less! Read on.

Buy out of season

There are loads of ‘out of season’ sales on the high street, so it makes sense to buy cheap while you can. Stock up your winter wardrobe in the summer, and your summer wardrobe in the winter. This way, you will always have something to wear, right when you need it. Yes, people may give you a funny look in the store when you’re buying a pair of shorts when temperatures are below freezing, but who cares! You will have the last laugh when they are paying premium prices in the months to come.

Online offers

You don’t only find sales on the high streets. There are dress boutiques online with many fabulous offers. You can often get a discount on your first order, and regular customers will benefit from a range of deals designed to keep their custom in place. Online businesses need you as much as you need them, and some of them will fall over backwards to ensure you keep buying from them. Do a Google search, and take advantage of what you find.

Buy second-hand

Second-hand does not have to mean second rate. You may not get the latest fashion in your local thrift store, but you may still pick up something amazing at an incredible bargain. Here’s a hint for you, though. Have a look at the thrift stores in the fancier part of your town. The rich give their clothes away too, so there is the real possibility of finding something that is normally priced way over your price range, but selling at an incredibly lower cost.

Sell your stuff

Your wardrobe is probably stacked with outfits you no longer wear. You know what we mean, those dresses you bought once for a ‘special’ occasion, and have never worn since. If you aren't going to wear them, sell them on. You may shed a tear when you depart with that pair of shoes you bought three years ago, but you still have another fifteen pairs to choose from! So, sort through your belongings, and sell anything surplus to requirements online, or at a consignment shop. You can use the extra cash you earn to buy something else. If you struggle to sell something on, do other ladies a favour and give them to your local thrift shop. Your unwanted outfits can be somebody else’s gain.

Use coupons

Why pay full price for anything these days, when you could just as easily make use of the many coupon sites online. You can make instant savings at a range of fashion stores, from Victoria's Secret to Ann Taylor. Take advantage of the coupons that land in your mailbox, too. You may get sick of all the junk mail delivered by the mail person but check through the leaflets and brochures before you throw them in the bin. You may be missing out if you don’t!

Learn to mend clothes

It may be fashionable to wear a pair of jeans with a hole in the knee, but you wouldn’t want to be seen in a dress with a split down the middle. However, don’t get rid of anything with the slightest of damage. Take the time to learn to sew and mend your clothes. Not only will you be learning a valuable skill, but you will save yourself a lot of money by not replacing your damaged items with something new all the time.

Look in the men’s department

Unfortunately, we live in a very sexist world. Clothes stores will often sell women’s outfits at a higher price than men’s. Their reason? Women are prepared to spend more on clothes than men do. In general terms, at least. To be honest, this is probably true, but it’s still unfair that we have to spend more money on comparable items. Well, sexism be damned! Call the stores bluff and head over into the men’s department and have a look at what’s on offer. There may be t-shirts and sweatshirts that would look just as good on you as it would on any man.

Avoid fashion trends

Some clothes are in for a season and out the next. So, don’t be a follower of fashion, as you will be caught in an endless loop of buying to catch up with the latest trend. Be yourself in your outfit choices, and buy whatever takes your fancy, and not what the catwalk models are currently parading around in. As an individual, you have personal tastes, so wear whatever you like, even if you choose to mix and match items. If your mirror tells you you’re looking good, ignore what everybody else has to say.

Have a clothes party

As kids, our parents often embarrassed us by making us wear hand-me-downs. Truth be told, some of the clothes they made us wear probably were awful. However, you have more choice as an adult, and if your best mates have outfits they no longer wear, invite them round, and try on each other’s clothes. What doesn’t suit one person may very well suit another. Your best mate was probably going to borrow something out of your wardrobe at some point anyway, so let them keep that dress you never wear, while you grab something of theirs.


So, there we have it. Several ways in which you can dress for less! We hope you liked our ideas, but if you have money saving tips of your own, be sure to let us know. Thanks for reading.

Monday, 18 September 2017

What I like...

I'm always coming across new things I want to share with you all - books. products, bargains, homewares and just about everything really. I have been meaning to do this for a while, but I have just moved house...ugh moving is so exhausting! Don't want to be doing that again time soon.

I went to Big W (department store in Australia) last week and found the best Halloween wreath! I actually didn't know Halloween wreaths were a thing but I am loving their Day of the Dead wreath. My Instagram followers loved the look of it too. Retails for $25.00.

Nice change from all the pumpkin Halloween themed decorations that seem to saturate the shelves this time of year. I think Frida Kahlo would approve :)

Yarn Bombing and The Whimsical Tree

I recently donated a shopping bag full of knitting yarn to my local school. The school's art club requested the yarn so they could 'yarn bomb' one of their beautiful old trees.

The tree is now known as the Whimsical Tree. It's adorned with teapots, gems, buttons and crochet butterflies. The students have been very creative.

I have seen yarn bombs in different parts of Inner Western Sydney.  Telegraph poles wrapped in brightly coloured knitted yarn are always something pleasant to see.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

A Gal’s Guide To A Signature Look That’s Timeless

It is one thing to create a personal style, but it’s another to have a signature look. The fact is that lots of women don’t have something they feel epitomises their style. And, if they do, it is something they hate and want to change. Of course, most women wish they had a trend which they pulled off every time. Well, the thing is you can as long as you take the time to understand what is needed to create one in the first place.

The following advice is how to find a signature look that is timeless. Enjoy!

Forget The Trends

Do you know what sets the women out from the girls? Independent women don’t care about what people think. Therefore, they don’t follow trends – they set them. Far too many gals see something they like but don’t pull the trigger because they are self-conscious. To them, it doesn’t seem like a piece that everyone else would wear. That is a good thing because it makes you unique. By screwing the trends, it is much easier to find the unusual items that will dictate your signature. So, put the magazines away and think for yourself.

Find A Focal Point

Nothing says signature more than an eye-catching piece of clothing. For one thing, they tend to be original, such as a name necklace. Soufeel – name necklace experts – believe they are a great addition for this very reason. But, there is no reason for them to be overly bulky or tacky. Everything comes in a smaller size, so it isn’t hard to downgrade. Moreover, there are focal points that are large yet that look perfectly proportionate. Take hooped earrings as an example. They are huge, but they never appear too big.


The key to a timeless yet original style is to have a solid foundation. Although women don’t think it to be the case, the classic pieces are the backbone of any look. Think of any person you admire from a fashion standpoint and you will agree. The difference is that they use accessories to stand out from the crowd. Rather than wear the same thing as the masses, they add small but significant details that take the piece to a new level. For instance, a hat is an excellent addition to a leather jacket, white t-shirt, and black jeans combo. Not only does it look different, but it is practical in the worsening weather.

Consult Your Style Icon

A woman like Blake Lively is an inspiration to millions of people. There is nothing wrong with admitting this because it doesn’t make you any less unique. In fact, you should embrace women like Blake if you want to create a signature style. By analyzing her choices, you can get inside her head and figure out how she thinks. Once this happens, you’ll be able to think one step ahead and come up with ideas of your own.

Remember that knowledge is power, especially in the world of fashion.