Saturday, 3 June 2017

One Fashion Item Per Season: What's Most Important?

One fashion piece to be judged the most important for that season? Isn’t that madness?

Well, it might be, but aren’t you up for a challenge?

Let’s face it: most people interested in fashion tend to have a huge selection of clothes to pick from. In fact, it’s perfectly possible to be standing in front of a closet that is full to the brim, and still feel like we have nothing to wear. So why not scale it down for awhile, and think about the items that really matter to you?

We need some rules to do this right.

  1. Everything counts. So you can only pick from anything to do with fashion; winter coats are judged on the same level as small accessories. Let’s be ruthless!
  2. Lingerie and other essentials don’t count - they can be taken as a given that you will always need.
  3. Shoes don’t count. You’re always going to need shoes. Let’s be ruthless but also realistic.

So, what do you consider to be the single most important fashion piece that you wear per season? Here are some considerations…

Summer Sunniness

Keep it cool in more ways than one with your summer pick. It’s one of the cheaper months to shop for, too, which is always appreciated if you’re on a budget. Cropped trousers are great; and most of us rely on simple t-shirts to see us through the hottest months of the year. However, the one item that’s most important actually seems pretty obvious…

Choice: A light, floaty summer dress made of a fabric so simple that you can barely feel it on you. It keeps you cool while looking great, and can be dressed up for the evening or worn with flats for a trip to the park during the day. It’s simply got to be the summer dress.

Autumn Adornments

Autumn - or fall if you’re feeling American today - is, so it seems, everyone’s favourite season, so it should be pretty simple to choose. In fact, some of us love our fall clothing so much that we can be tempted to… well… spend more than we intended; who can resist the chunky knits and warm colour hues? It’s fortunate you can use coupons when buying your fall wardrobe, meaning you get the look without the expensive credit card bill. But which look is most important?

Choice: A light jacket, preferably in red or brown tones that signify fall to so many of us. It should be light enough to be comfortable on days when summer is having its last blast, but provide extra warmth when you can feel the icy grip of winter beginning to take hold.

Winter Warmers

Deciding which item of clothing for winter is all about one thing: staying warm. That means you’ve immediately got to give some thought to the big coats, the gloves, the scarves - all important. However, it’s up to you to decide which is the most important from a fashion perspective.

Choice: A scarf, preferably a big blanket scarf that could double for a sofa throw if required.They can be very cheap or very expensive, but nothing says winter like a scarf.

Spring Selections

Ah, spring, welcomed into the world after the cold and dark of winter. Spring is associated with so many things that make their way into fashion, which is why this is ultimately the easiest decision of all…

Choice: Anything! So long as it’s floral. Florals for spring is nothing groundbreaking, but it’s ubiquitous for a reason: we all love wearing florals as winter finally fades and spring bursts forth from the cold. A light floral-patterned bag is a great inexpensive choice to get the look without the bills.

So what would you choose?

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