Monday, 15 May 2017

Updating the Slumber Party for Adulthood

There are some things that you're supposed to grow out of, but that you don't have to abandon as you get older. Sleepovers are so much fun as a child and teenager, so why shouldn't you take them into adulthood as well? When you're adult, you can make them even better. You might not get the thrill of doing naughty things you're not meant to be doing, but you do get the enjoyment of being able to whatever you want with no parents to catch you out. If you have a sleepover as an adult, you can improve on your childhood experiences by adding alcohol, proper food, and more grownup activities.

Have Grownup Drinks and Snacks

If you're going to have an adult slumber party, it is tempting to replicate those of your teen years. Lots of salty snacks and soda are good to pig out on now and then. But you're an adult, and you have access to money for whatever you want and better cooking skills than you had when you were 13. Plus, your tastes have possibly evolved a little. Not only can you make some grownup snacks or cook a meal, but you can also add cocktails and other drinks to the party too. Or you could just order food in - pizza is a classic, but there's so much more choice.

Get Comfy in Your PJs

You might all be adults, but that doesn't mean you're not allowed to sit around in your PJs all night. In fact, it's there's ever a perfect time to get comfortable, it's when you're having a night in with your friends. You can get your most comfortable pajamas out and wrap yourself in a bathrobe. Or maybe go all the way and commit to wearing a pair of footed pajamas. They super snuggly and comfortable. Start off the evening in your nightwear, and you'll be able to fall asleep wherever you're sitting, just like the good old days.

Vary the Entertainment

In the good old days, entertainment at a slumber party consisted of movies, a lot of giggling about various topics, and maybe some pampering too. An adult party might not look too different, but maybe you have some different ideas about what makes a fun time now. Depending on your group of friends, you might like playing some games, cooking or baking, doing some crafts, or just lounging around and watching TV. Have a few options available so that everyone doesn't have to do the same thing if they don't want to.

Do Something Silly

You might be an adult now, but sleepovers are all about getting in touch with your childish side. So doing something a bit silly could be just what you need to make your night extra fun. You could build a blanket fort, have a Nerf war, decorate your home with lots of glitter and fairy lights, or have a pillow fight.

A slumber party gives you the chance to relive your childhood, but do it better. This time, you have all the privileges of being an adult too.

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