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Ideas & Inspiration For Planning A Retro-Themed Wedding

Your wedding day is about celebrating the love that you and your partner share, in a way that’s personal to the both of you. That’s why, when it comes to planning your impending nuptials and the party that comes after you say I do, finding ways to personalise your big day is a must, which is why picking some sort of theme for your wedding is crucial. With a theme in place, it's much easier to add those cute, quirky, personal touches to your celebrations.

If you’re someone who loves the past and all things retro, then perhaps having a retro-themed wedding could be perfect for you? The great thing about planning this type of day is that you can tailor it to be however you want it to be, it’s just a case of getting the inspiration that you need. Whether you are fifties mad or crazy about the early 1900s, it doesn't matter; you can make your day whatever you want it to be.

So, if you want to find the inspiration that you need to plan the most incredible day, then keep reading.

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Choose a venue that you can dress up

So, like all of the bridal magazines tell you, the first step when planning any wedding should be to choose a venue. Now, when it comes to finding that perfect place, the best advice we can give you is to pick somewhere that you can dress up.

You see, if you’re going to plan a retro wedding, you need a venue that can be easily transformed into your chosen time period. Somewhere that’s already decorated in a certain style will be more difficult to give a retro vibe to, so picking somewhere that’s plain(ish) is probably best.

Get creative with the decor

When it comes to picking the perfect decor for creating a retro look and feel, it’s important to get creative. Don’t just order items off of the internet, try to make as much as you can yourself, or use companies that offer a personalisation service, to give your decor a unique look and feel. Need ideas - Pinterest, We Heart It, and Instagram could be worth having a browse of.

Pom poms, bunting, flowers in jam jars, vintage-inspired signage, lace tablecloths, black and white photos, old suitcases - there are so many simple touches that can give your day that perfect look and feel. Obviously, before you start selecting your decor, it’s important to be clear on what era you want to re-create and what style you want your day to have to it. Otherwise, you could end up with a mismatched day.

Pick the perfect photographer

The chances are that you will struggle to find a photographer who specialises in retro wedding photography. However, what you need to do is find a photographer who has plenty of experience and is flexible, and happy to take your photos in whatever style you want.

It’s important to take the time to look at each photographer’s work to see which style of photography you like best. Remember, each photographer will have his or her own style. If you’ve got some ideas of the types of photos you would like, take them along to any meetings you have with potential photographers to see if they are able to recreate them.

The wheels

You can’t plan a retro wedding only to turn up in a modern mode of transport, that just defies the whole object of theming your day. So, as well as thinking about the decor, the food, the cake, the dress, and photography - the list could go on, you need to think about the wheels and how you and the rest of the wedding party will get to your wedding.

There are plenty of companies that hire out retro cars; it’s just a case of picking the perfect ones. Or, maybe you know someone who owns a collection of vintage cars - maybe you could sweet talk them into lending them to you? For your guests, if you are planning on providing transport, why not hire a vintage bus to get them from A to B?

So, there you have it, ideas and inspiration for planning a retro-themed wedding.

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