Friday, 2 December 2016

How To Be A Brilliant Bridesmaid


There may be a time in every girls life that she hears that very special question…. Will you be my Chief Bridesmaid? (Got you there!)

It’s a fantastic honour but before you sign up you may want to know  - What does a Chief Bridesmaid actually do? The Chief Bridesmaid is traditionally known as the Maid of Honour (if the girl is unmarried) or Matron of Honour (if the girl is married).

Typically, the Chief Bridesmaid is the Bride's elder sister or oldest friend. Her role and importance in the wedding party essentially mirrors that of the best man.
The Chief Bridesmaid's role before the Wedding day
As Chief Bridesmaid, your responsibilities will begin long before the wedding day, you'll be expected to carry out the following duties:

  • Organising the Hen Night – planning the hen do, inviting the hens, ensuring it meets the Bride's idea of a perfect and special day with her friends
  • Helping the Bride to choose the Bridesmaid dresses – remember though, the Bride always has the deciding vote!
  • Helping the Bride choose her wedding dress - followed by a large glass of bubbly!
  • Attending the Wedding rehearsals
  • The Bride may well ask the Chief Bridesmaid to be involved in the administration of the big day from deciding on whether to have pocket fold wedding invitations  or handmade to  fish and chips  or chicken kiev for the wedding breakfast.

The Chief Bridesmaid's duties on the Wedding day


The Chief Bridesmaid's duties on the wedding day are divided into two parts - the morning of the big day before the ceremony and those tasks she needs to do once it kicks off.

Before the Ceremony

On the wedding day itself, you need to be up early to start helping the Bride have a lovely - and stress-free - beginning to her big day. Her duties include:

  • helping her into her dress and pinning on her veil if there's no hairdresser to do this
  • liaising with any wedding suppliers who have any questions for the bride on the day
  • running any general errands
  • ensuring the bride has had something to eat
  • making sure all Bridesmaids are ready on time with hair and make-up
  • helping the Bride out of the wedding car, making any final adjustments before she makes her grand entrance
The Chief Bridesmaid's role during the Wedding ceremony
Once the wedding has started, it's showtime! Time for you to ensure the Bride looks absolutely perfect for the groom, the guests and the all important wedding photographs!

  • Any last minute make up touch ups as she gets out of the car
  • Plumping out the bride's train to ensure it looks nice in any photos once she has reached the top of the aisle
The Chief Bridesmaid's role at the Wedding reception


After the wedding itself, it's up to you to ensure that the Bride is having the day of her dreams! You can help by doing the following:

  • Ensuring the Bride looks picture perfect for the wedding photographs
  • Checking with the Bride regularly to make sure everything is OK and she's having a great time
  • Hitting the dancefloor once the first dance is over, getting everyone else dancing too!

It all seems a lot of stress for the opportunity to wear a pretty dress, but do it right and the Bride will love you forever!


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