Thursday, 3 November 2016

Retro Ways You Can Save!

If you want to save up your pennies, you need to look to the past for inspiration. Trust me, it’s true. In the past, people knew how to save a lot of money, they just didn’t have the resources that we do today. By looking to how people lived their life in the past, we can save a fortune. Do you not believe me? Well then, prepare to be amazed, my friends.

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Price Check Please?

Yes, ask your mum, heck ask your grandma, and they’ll tell you when they were younger everything was price checked before it was bought. They would wander around the store searching for the cheapest products. Money was tight back then, don’t ya know. It wasn’t that they wanted to price-check everything, they had to keep finances healthy. Now most of us don’t bother to price-check anything whether it’s shopping or insurance. We just buy the first thing we find and hope for the best. This is silly, particularly when you can do everything online. Whether you're making a pet insurance comparison or price checking superstores for food. We’ve got to learn from the previous generations and be a little more frugal with our hard-earned dough.

Rub A Dub Dub Let’s Share The Tub!

Not literally, of course, that’s pretty gross. But you can share the bathwater rather than emptying the tub each time. Okay, that’s still gross, but we do need to be thinking seriously about ways to reduce energy usage. That includes water, electricity, and gas. Winter is on the way, and soon we’ll all be turning up our thermostats to the highest temperature. Instead, we should really be putting on more layers as we probably remember our parents telling us to do when we were younger. If we did this, we could save a fortune on our heating that we could spend elsewhere. So, using this retro technique you could actually have more money to spend on things you love.

Stop At An Opportunity Shop

You might remember my rather exasperated post about these shops not too long ago. The prices have risen in recent years, but they are still a darn sight cheaper than your typical superstore. They have some great items there too whether you want to decorate the home or buy a new wardrobe. It might seem odd stopping at an op shop, but in the past, it was quite common. Not only that, you’ll be helping people in need.

Another Update? Um, How About...No

Finally, I can’t be the only one who is getting tired of these tech updates that add very little to the original. Oh, I need to buy the new iPhone 7 because the screen is slightly better and it’s got a faster processor. What exactly do I need all that power for anyway? The answer is absolutely nothing, and in the past, this was never an issue. Tech updates were every few years not every few months. Start saying no to what is just a fashion trend and you’ll have more cash to spend on other things.

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