Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Stress Less! Practical Tips To Help You Prepare For Moving

Moving home often results in us experiencing a mixture of emotions. We may feel sad at leaving friends and family behind, but excited about new challenges ahead. The process of moving can also fill us with dread. If you’re moving soon, hopefully, these tips will help you to stress less. Here are practical pointers to get you ready for your big move.

Find somewhere to live

It’s particularly scary to move house if you don’t have anywhere else to go. If you’re planning a temporary relocation or you don’t know the area, it may be best to rent. If you’re gearing up for a long-term move, buying may be the best option. Try and visit a couple of times before you move. Arrange a meeting with some agents and discuss your options. Book some viewings, and get an idea of what you can afford, and which neighborhoods you prefer. Don’t rush into buying. You can always take on a short-term rental and then buy once you’re settled.

Set a date

Set a date as soon a you can. This will help you to plan ahead, and get yourself sorted in advance. If you don’t have a date in mind, it’s much harder to be organised.

Book a removals firm

Moving house is stressful because you have to lug furniture around and spend hours packing boxes. But what if somebody could do this for you? If you’re moving far away, look for interstate furniture removalists. You can customise your package to suit your needs. You may only need your possessions moving from A to B. Or you may prefer to get help with packing and unpacking. If you’re pushed for time, this can be a real help.

Take some time off

There’s nothing worse than trying to negotiate a move while you’re working long hours. Once you’ve got a date in mind, take a couple of days off either side. This will give you time to get your old house packed up, and a day or two to get settled in your new home. If you’re changing job, arrange to start a few days after you’ve moved.

Write lists

Lists can make life much simpler, especially when everything gets a little hectic. Before you move, write a list of everything you need to do. You may need to make some calls to change your address for tax or banking purposes. You might need to pay a final bill for your electricity or gas. You might need to redirect your mail. Once you’ve got the practicalities sorted, you can relax and look forward to new adventures ahead.

When you tell somebody you’re moving, you may be greeted with sympathetic looks. Moving is often regarded as one of the most stressful things you can do. However, it doesn’t always have to be this way. If you bear these tips in mind, you can plan ahead and minimise hassle. Set a date, find somewhere to live, and take time off around your moving date. Research removalists, and get the practicalities sorted as soon as possible.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Easy Office Style Secrets For Everyday

When you’re getting dressed and ready for work every day, it can be a little monotonous. It can also be a little frustrating when you need something for an outfit, but it is in the laundry. The thing is, that it doesn’t, and shouldn’t, have to be. As long as you plan well, it can make getting ready for work easy. If you find your job a struggle at times, then making each morning easier helps a lot. So kick start your working day, by following these tips for your work style.


Plan Ahead

Before you go to bed, take a look and plan what you will be wearing tomorrow. Then you can see what needs to be cleaned and what doesn’t. Just work with what you’ve got available. You’ll have more time on an evening to plan an outfit out. Even down to smaller things like accessories. One thing that helps a lot is to check the weather forecast. You don’t want to plan to wear a summer skirt when it actually will be pouring with rain. You’ll save so much time and stress if you do it this way.

Don’t Forget Accessories

For me, I think that accessories make or break an outfit. Adding a waist belt when wearing a skirt, or a pashmina can brighten up any outfit. It gives older clothes a new lease of life too. So don’t forget to mix up the accessories that you use when going to work. It is important to remember to add some jewellery too. A statement necklace can make a plain black dress or outfit really come to life. It can almost make it look like you are wearing something completely different. Don’t forget to mix up the style of earrings that you wear and adding some sparkle on your fingers with rings. If you need a few new accessories, then have a look online. For some extra sparkly rings, you could look at somewhere like Verragio rings. Then you’ll look like you mean business!


Create a Go-To Uniform

When you shop for work clothes, do you struggle? When there are so many choices, it is easy to see why. One idea to make shopping and choosing clothes easier is creating your own uniform at work. It could be that you always choose to wear a pencil skirt and cardigan. They can be all different styles and colors, mixed with differents shirts and tops. But they all have the similar vein of having a skirt and cardigan. For you, it might be dresses, pants or a pantsuit. Just pick and style and run with it.

Have Fun With Your Style

It is important that you get the job done when you are at work. But it is also important to show off some personality. You want to show that you enjoy life and have a good work and life balance. When you dress well it shows. So wear things that can help you feel confident. And if you fancy wearing something fun like a sparkly scarf, then go for it!

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Retro Ways You Can Save!

If you want to save up your pennies, you need to look to the past for inspiration. Trust me, it’s true. In the past, people knew how to save a lot of money, they just didn’t have the resources that we do today. By looking to how people lived their life in the past, we can save a fortune. Do you not believe me? Well then, prepare to be amazed, my friends.

Image from The Graphics Fairy

Price Check Please?

Yes, ask your mum, heck ask your grandma, and they’ll tell you when they were younger everything was price checked before it was bought. They would wander around the store searching for the cheapest products. Money was tight back then, don’t ya know. It wasn’t that they wanted to price-check everything, they had to keep finances healthy. Now most of us don’t bother to price-check anything whether it’s shopping or insurance. We just buy the first thing we find and hope for the best. This is silly, particularly when you can do everything online. Whether you're making a pet insurance comparison or price checking superstores for food. We’ve got to learn from the previous generations and be a little more frugal with our hard-earned dough.

Rub A Dub Dub Let’s Share The Tub!

Not literally, of course, that’s pretty gross. But you can share the bathwater rather than emptying the tub each time. Okay, that’s still gross, but we do need to be thinking seriously about ways to reduce energy usage. That includes water, electricity, and gas. Winter is on the way, and soon we’ll all be turning up our thermostats to the highest temperature. Instead, we should really be putting on more layers as we probably remember our parents telling us to do when we were younger. If we did this, we could save a fortune on our heating that we could spend elsewhere. So, using this retro technique you could actually have more money to spend on things you love.

Stop At An Opportunity Shop

You might remember my rather exasperated post about these shops not too long ago. The prices have risen in recent years, but they are still a darn sight cheaper than your typical superstore. They have some great items there too whether you want to decorate the home or buy a new wardrobe. It might seem odd stopping at an op shop, but in the past, it was quite common. Not only that, you’ll be helping people in need.

Another Update? Um, How About...No

Finally, I can’t be the only one who is getting tired of these tech updates that add very little to the original. Oh, I need to buy the new iPhone 7 because the screen is slightly better and it’s got a faster processor. What exactly do I need all that power for anyway? The answer is absolutely nothing, and in the past, this was never an issue. Tech updates were every few years not every few months. Start saying no to what is just a fashion trend and you’ll have more cash to spend on other things.

Feeling Festive? Thoughtful and Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

Now that we have had Halloween over and done with, it is time to focus on Christmas, right? Before we know it, November will be in full swing. Then December just appears from nowhere, and Christmas is around the corner. I love all of the festivities and the parties and celebrations. If you are someone that gives gifts at Christmas, then now is the time to start thinking about what to buy for people. If you leave it all to the last minute, it can be stressful as well as expensive. Spreading the cost a little can make a difference. But what do you buy people? It can be tricky to decide, for sure. So here are some quite unique gift ideas, that you might not have thought of before.


Personalised Clothing

It is nice to get clothing as a gift I think (as long as the person buying knows just the right size to get you). But sometimes, they don’t quite get your style right. You could give them a gift card instead so that they can choose. But that goes in the boring pile of presents, along with chocolate and socks. So one thing that you could do is to make some clothing for them. If you are a whizz on the old sewing machine or knitting needles then fantastic. If you’re not, there are other options. You could buy a normal piece of clothing and then customise it a little. You could add patches and badges to a denim jacket for instance. This would give it an instant retro vibe. You could buy a t-shirt and then design something to go on it. You could have it printed professionally, or do it yourself. If you choose the latter, just make sure you use the right screen printing inks. Otherwise, the colour will just run, the first time it goes in the washing machine. Somewhere like Hydrotech could be a good place to look.

Experience Days

If you have friends that are adrenaline junkies, then experience days are a good idea. They also work for those friends of ours that seem to have everything! It could be a fancy afternoon tea if you are looking for something more subdued. Or perhaps a skydive or hot air balloon ride for more adventurous friends? If something is booked and ready to present to them, then it makes it a really thoughtful and exciting gift.

Fan Memorabilia

Another quite unique but thoughtful gift is getting a friend or family member some memorabilia. It could be a record or disc from one of their favourite old school artists. It could be a piece of clothing or something signed by a band. This does need a little preparation and scouring the pages of eBay perhaps. You could even write to a certain stars PR team to see if there is anything that you can pay to have sent over. It might take some hard work, but it will pay off, though. It would mean the world to the recipient.