Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Things Everyone Must Try Before They're 30

If you’re in your twenties or know people who are, then you may be aware of a strange phenomenon that’s sprung up lately. I’m referring to the “pre-mid-life-crisis”. This is where happy, healthy people suddenly stumble on a defeatist attitude, and think that they’ve wasted the best years of their lives. I’m writing this to tell you that this certainly isn’t true, and there’s still plenty of time to fill your life with rich experience. Here are just a few things I think every person should try in their twenties.
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First of all, travelling alone. The millennial generation has a unique privilege that a lot of people seem to take for granted. Travel is now more accessible than ever, and you’ve probably seen far more of the world in your childhood than your great-grandfather did in his lifetime. While holidays with friends and family can be wonderful, travelling alone will teach you a lot more about yourself, and open your eyes to facets of life you never knew about. You can find some great places to travel alone at Rough Guides.

Joining a team, club or society is another thing you should do while you’re young. By now, I’m sure you have some idea of your main passions; the things that really stimulate your mind, wherever you come across them. Joining a club or society and mingling with people who share your passion is a truly wonderful experience, and can be the start of relationships that will last you a lifetime. Whether it’s volleyball, painting, gardening, history or anything else, you can be sure that there’s a community somewhere out there for you. Pin one down and jump in!

Finally, have crazy, impulsive nights with your friends. Though it’s my last point, this is perhaps the most important one on the whole list. I hate to break it to you, but your relationships with your friends aren’t going to stay like this forever. As you move out of your twenties and towards middle age, you’ll all become more absorbed with your individual careers and families, and all those crazy nights will become much harder to squeeze in. This unique freedom is here one day and gone the next, so make the most of it! Call up some friends for a spontaneous camping or road trip, have another barbecue on a beach, or hit all the local bars you’ve never been to before.

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