Friday, 14 October 2016

The Coolest Yard Ideas For The Hottest Summer

If this year proves to be a hotty, you will be glad of a yard that provides all the breeze and shade you need to keep cool. Air conditioning is so expensive to run. It’s best to leave it to those sweaty nights to save cash. So what can you do during the day to stay cool? There are plenty of great ideas that will help you maximise your outdoor space without exposing yourself to too much sun.

Most houses with a pool find that the summer months are busy. Neighbours, friends and family will all be making excuses to come over! It’s certainly a good way to keep your social life busy. But it is also a useful way to stay cool and have fun when the sun is hot. It’s important to make sure your pool is properly fenced and gated. This stops small children and pets having accidents. Choose a company like Smoothline Fences that specialises in safe fencing solutions. You’ll also need to make sure your boundary fence is secure so nobody sneaks in to use your pool!

Gazebos come in all shapes and sizes. Some are temporary canvas or fabric coverings. Others are sturdy wood structures that stay up all year. Generally speaking, you can place them anywhere that suits you. You might want to consider the direction of the breeze and the proximity to your dining space. Gazebos are ideal for covering your eating area. And they’re also great for some outdoor Yoga or Tai Chi. If you’re looking to create shade, a gazebo may be a good option for you.

Trees and Planting
Trees can create a shady area in your yard or garden. High planting like bamboo or climbers can achieve the same. They may need some trellis or poles to climb up, though. This kind of natural shading suits any garden. Choose your species wisely. If you’re prone to extra dry conditions where you are, it could be difficult to care for some of the thirstier varieties. Artificial options could work, but you may not be keen on their appearance up close. They do little to provide habitat for insects.

Outdoor Dining And Kitchen
Some houses have a sheltered space that could easily be roofed. This will make the perfect, covered dining space. You’ll suffer fewer insects while you eat, and the sun will be kept off too. Because it’s open, you’ll get that lovely breeze without the burn of being in the open. You can grill or barbeque here, set up a dining table, and even light the area for use in the evening. Even on the hottest evenings, you could enjoy that soft summer breeze that makes it all so bearable.

Summer is set to be a scorcher, and most of us are looking forward to enjoying it. There are several different ways to create shade. Direction is everything if you want to maximise the breeze so get yourself oriented before you design anything. And if you are playing out in the sun this summer, be safe.

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