Thursday, 13 October 2016

Is The Original Always The Best? Answer: Yes!

There are certain times in life where the original is just better. I know I’m probably preaching to the choir for some of my readers on this one but go with me on this. I’m sure there are a few readers who love the new Star Wars movies or think that iPhones are great. Well in my humble opinion, you guys are just wrong. Here are a few examples.

Movie Remakes

Let’s start with the one that Hollywood seems to be obsessed with right now. They keep remaking and repackaging our favourite films and TV shows. Or favourite films as new tv shows. Or favourite TV shows as new films! It honestly makes my head skin and ignoring the obvious answer I have one question. Why? Very few new remakes have added anything to the original.

The only notable exception I can think of as of late being Pete’s Dragon. Disney’s 2016 Pete’s Dragon is definitely worth checking out even if you loved the original and hold it dearly to your heart. The new film is a wonderful delight and has that old Disney magic. But that’s the exception, not the rule. While The Jungle Book was visually impressive, it didn’t add that much to the story. The list seems never ending with more remakes on the horizon.

Is nothing sacred? When they announce a remake for Grease, that’s when I will have truly lost faith in Hollywood. Although I guess unofficially that was High School Musical.

Music Players

Yes, it’s useful to be able to have all your music in one place and listen to it on the go. I love it, I know you do too. I couldn’t go running without some fantastic songs blasting with my feet hitting the footpath. I get it, I do, but are we really saying that the sound quality is better than vinyl? Really? Come on now guys, if anyone thinks that, they’ve never listened to their favourite album on a state of the art record player table. The music is so beautifully crisp and untouched that it just sounds perfect. This is probably my bias for retro shining through but for me, there’s no comparison.

Chocolate And Sweets

They’ve taken out the colours, the chemicals, the sugar and basically everything that made them taste and look good. I don’t know about you, but I hate seeing that foreboding ‘now with natural flavours’ on sweet packages. If I wanted natural flavours, I would eat a banana or pear. I wouldn’t even be in the sweets section. I know the argument here. They're bad for you, and that means you shouldn’t be eating them. They are only bad for you if you eat them to excess. A little salt is good for the bones, but if you consume a bag of it, that’s going to kill you.

Madonna, Britney And Any Other Has Been Pop Icons

I love you all I do, but please stop releasing new music. You have gone past your prime and should have left the industry with a bang. Now, every year you release a new album with worse songs than before and terrible levels of autotune. Brit, you couldn’t even be bothered to sing in car karaoke so why are you still releasing new music?

There, rant over. I hope I’ve shown you that sometimes that the original really is the best.

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