Saturday, 1 October 2016

Feeling Fancy: Ideas For Retro Inspired Fancy Dress Costumes

With October and Halloween just around the corner, you might be thinking about a costume to dress up as. Obviously, I have a penchant for the retro style of clothes, so I think it would make a perfect costume for someone to dress up in. It is a fun style that will make you look ultra glamorous. But who could you be dressed up as, rather than just a 40s or 50s pin up? Here are a few ideas for you. Hope they give you some inspiration for any fancy dress events you have coming up.


Marilyn Monroe

This is a classic idea for a costume. If you go for the iconic floaty white halter dress, everyone at the party will know exactly who you have dressed up as. Team with some dark red lipstick and a platinum blonde curly wig (unless you have blonde hair yourself of course). Some heels will complete the look. Think of a strappy pair or high heeled t-bar shoes and you’re there. It is a safe and easy to put together outfit. You might already have everything in for this at home.


Mary Poppins

You might not think of this as a particular retro outfit, but then you break all the components down, it really is. If you have a white blouse with a high neck and frilly collar, then you are not too far away. A brooch on the blouse works well too, in the centre of the collar. Then just add a dark blazer and skirt, and you are nearly there. A fancy umbrella and a vintage carpet bag and the look is complete; even better if you have got a dark boat hat. A full face of retro inspired makeup would look really good with the outfit too. Then you can just style your hair in a neat little bun. It is a classic look that everyone will instantly recognise.


Alice in Wonderland

This is probably one of the most popular costumes when it comes to mainstream and store bought costumes. But Alice is a great idea that would look fantastic mixed up for a vintage look. Most people go for the Disney equivalent of the costume, so you just need to do something a little different. A light blue dress would look good, rather than the typical bright blue option. I would choose a rather frilly shirt and apron for the outfit too. Then have some cute little Mary-Jane heels, with a bow in your hair. If you have a vintage handbag that has a clock on it, then even better.

Audrey Hepburn

Like Marilyn Monroe, the Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s look that is instantly recognisable. You would hardly need to buy anything for it too. If you have got a sleeveless black dress, then that is most of the outfit. Some long dark gloves are a must too, as well as lots of bling around your neck. Some round sunglasses and a long cigarette holder and you can just pose all night long.  

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