Thursday, 13 October 2016

Celebrate Good Times: How to Do It as a Busy Mum

When you're a super busy mum, finding the time for fun isn't always easy. The fun you do have usually involves running around after the kids. While it's enjoyable, it's also exhausting. It's not always easy to have time to celebrate the important things in life. Maybe you enjoy birthday celebrations, or you like taking the time to celebrate your anniversary. If you've got kids to look after, plus a career or business and other commitments, it can be a struggle. But it's important to celebrate various things in life, whether you're celebrating yourself or others. Make sure you can find the time with these tips.

Keep a Calendar of Important Events

Most busy people already have a calendar or diary with upcoming events and projects. If you don't have one, you need one ASAP. Or perhaps you do have one, but you haven't put any personal events in it. It's a good idea to have birthdays and anniversaries mixed in with work and obligations. It helps you remember there are fun things coming up and reasons to celebrate. As well as having important dates, giving yourself reminders makes sure you have lots of time to prepare. This is where online calendars or smartphone apps can come in handy.

Plan Celebrations in Advance

If you want to have any hope of getting anything done, you know you have to start planning in advance. Not much gets done when you're a mum if you leave it until the last minute. You have too many other things to do and only a limited amount of time. You might be able to cobble something together in a day or two, but it won't be much if you want to celebrate properly. If you're doing anything more than a nice meal out, make sure you start preparing earlier.

Go All Out for Select Occasions

There's no need to go big for every special occasion. However, there are some events that deserve a big party. Maybe it's a special birthday for someone, for example. This is the sort of thing you need at least a couple of months to plan. Perhaps you want to throw a kids' birthday party, with entertainers, jumping castles and plenty of food. This sort of celebration is a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. It might be just about all the celebrating you can handle for a while.

Make Time for Little Celebrations

When you celebrate any event, it doesn't have to be a big affair. Sometimes just a small celebration is enough to bring your family together. The event itself doesn't have to be anything that significant either. Maybe you want to find time to celebrate World Book Day by reading everyone's favourite book before bedtime. You might have a special meal or just take a trip to the park. The best way to find time for celebrating is often to focus on small things instead of planning huge events.

Finding time to do anything when you're a busy mum is hard. But you can do whatever you want if you make an effort to prioritise what's important.

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