Thursday, 14 January 2016

Chinese Gardens of Friendship. My Little Adventure.

The Chinese Gardens of Friendship have been around for decades but I went there recently for the first time ever.

It was so serene. Hard to imagine that Darling Harbour, a busy bit of Sydney, could have such a tranquil place. It was good for my soul.

I thought I would share some of my photos from my little adventure.

The wishing well

I could have sat here all day

Water dragon
After my Chinese Gardens adventure, I met two 13 year old school students from South Korea.

They were so brave, going up to strangers (with teacher supervision) and asking them if they wanted to have a chat about life in Australia. 

I agreed to have a chat with them and they were so sweet. 

Jung Woo (Justin) and Si Won
When the interview finished, they gave me some presents (see below).

I told them that the king and queen on the keyring will always remind me of them. Beautiful kids.

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