Saturday, 31 December 2016

Stars we lost in 2016

2016 has been a horrid year for celebrity deaths.

Here is a list of the many talented people who passed away this year.

Zsa Zsa Gabor 1917-2016.

Abe Vigoda 1921-2016

Alan Rickman 1946-2016

Carrie Fisher 1956-2016

Alan Young 1919-2016

Florence Henderson 1934-2016

Andrew Sachs 1930-2016

Alexis Arquette 1969-2016

Natalie Cole 1950-2016

Garry Shandling 1949-2016

Anton Yelchin 1989-2016

Kenny Baker 1934-2016

George Michael 1963-2016

Gene Wilder 1933-2016

Bobby Vee 1943-2016

Doris Roberts 1925-2016

David Bowie 1947-2016

Garry Marshall 1934-2016

Glenn Frey 1948-2016

Joanie 'Chyna' Laurer 1969-2016

John Glenn 1921-2016

Sharon Jones 1956-2016

Alan Thicke 1947-2016

Prince 1958-2016

Leonard Cohen 1934-2016

Muhammad Ali 1942-2016

Pete Burns 1959-2016

Merle Haggard 1937-2016

Noel Neill 1920-2016

Bill Nunn 1953-2016

Peter Vaughan 1923-2016

Patty Duke 1946-2016

Ronnie Corbett 1930-2016

Harper Lee 1926-2016

Maurice White 1941-2016

Nancy Reagan 1921-2016

Rick Parfitt 1948-2016

Robert Vaughn 1932-2016

Ron Glass 1946-2016

Debbie Reynolds 1932-2016

Charmian Carr 1942-2016

Sorry if I left anybody out. Unfortunately, there were so many celebrity deaths this year. Let's hope that 2017 is a much better year.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Last Minute Christmas Ideas - Adult Colouring Books

Adult colouring books made a great stocking stuffer or just a nice gift idea for people who are hard to buy for.

Here are a few of my favourites.

The Lust List - Sally Spratt

This is the perfect colouring book for people who enjoy the finer things in life - whether they have the funds or not - you can just colour them in and dream.

Roald Dahl: A Marvellous Colouring Adventure

45 images to colour, based on Roald Dahl's amazing books. Such a perfect gift for both children and adults who love the brilliance of Mr Dahl.

Mindfulness Moments - Emma Farrarons

Nice, smaller colouring book to pop in your bag. Beautiful, relaxing images to colour in by French illustrator, Emma Farrarons.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

7 Wedding Planning Steps For Every Bride To Check Off

Whether you’re newly engaged, part way through planning or even happily married and looking back at fond memories, there are a set amount of steps that happen when you plan a wedding. No matter what order you end up getting through them, they can rarely be avoided.

So if you’re looking for some advice, need to get back on track or fancy a walk down memory lane, take a look at the seven steps each bride will check off when planning her wedding.

1. Initial Shock, Excitement & Thoughts

Okay, so this one’s more of a giggle than anything else, but it’s the very first step. You’ve accepted a proposal and are somewhere between a state of shock, excitement and sometimes, even fear. But don’t panic, it gets easier.

It’s also likely that you’re thoughts are racing and the whole idea of wedding planning sounds far too much. Well, in all honesty, it sometimes is. But we all get through it and so will you.

2. Venues, Venues, Venues

Choosing your wedding venue is one of the most important steps. When you go, you also choose the date. Sometimes you have a perfect date in mind and choose the venue to fit, but more often than not it’s the other way around. If you’ve found a gorgeous venue, you might have to be flexible on timings in order to book it up.

Then, when you have, you can decide on your save the date cards, send them out and get the wedding ball rolling.

3. Choosing Your Theme

Not everyone wants a wedding theme. Sometimes, a ‘wedding’ theme is enough on its own. But some brides (and even grooms) have a theme in mind. So if you love everything classic, country or colourful, it’s time to get planning. Sometimes, it will show in your save the dates, but don’t worry if you change your mind. There’s plenty of time to get planning and decide before the invites go out.

4. Your Wedding Party

This can be a sensitive, daunting and stressful decision. Who are you going to have in your wedding party? Picking a maid of honour, bridesmaids, best man and ushers can be tough if you have a lot of people to choose from. But it’s still a decision you have to make. So, try and get thinking about it in the early days. You’ll be glad you did when you’ve made your mind up.

5. The Dress

Now this is often the stage that most women look forwards to. Or dread. Either or, it’s a pretty significant step. A wedding dress is one of the first things the guest see when they see the bride. But remember, you wear it all day, so you’ll want to make sure you feel comfortable in it and not just beautiful.

6. Who To Invite

If you though choosing your wedding party was difficult, then invitations might just be your idea of a nightmare. You might have sent save the dates out to everyone you know, but one thing’s for sure, you get a little help when it comes to choosing who to invite. When you booked your venue, you may have been given a capacity limit. If so, stick to it. It’ll also help when you’re firming up your choices and planning tables.

7. The Finishing Touches

And last but certainly not least, it’s the finishing touches that you won't want to forget. From the cake and the flowers to the transport and the favours, the devil is in the detail. But don’t sweat the small stuff, there’s a wealth of inspiration available online to help you decide.