Saturday, 19 September 2015

Jessica Rowe - Is This My Beautiful Life?

I had high expectations for this book. I really like Jessica Rowe and I really enjoyed her last book. 

Thankfully, I wasn't disappointed.

I was surprised just how emotional some parts of the book were. I was at school, waiting to pick up my son, reading the book and I had tears falling down under my sunglasses.

Jessica talks about her struggles with conceiving a child, IVF and postnatal depression.

She is so brutally honest about her experiences.

I enjoyed reading about her young life in Germany as a catalogue model, her love life and how she met her husband, newsman Peter Overton...and most of all, her love for her two daughters, Allegra and Giselle.

Photo from Jessica's Instagram

Friday, 11 September 2015

The ramblings of a sick chick

It's 4.16am. I can't sleep because I have some vicious flu virus. My body is aching.

I've made myself an earl grey tea and I've had some paracetamol. Sleep come to me please.

Have any of you been watching Celebrity Big Brother UK vs US? Holy ravioli, some people on that show are so interesting to watch.

This the current episode (just be aware that there is lots of swearing and adult themes).

Have you been watching it? Which inmates do you like most?