Tuesday, 30 June 2015

What I found at Reverse Garbage Marrickville...

My favourite thing about Reverse Garbage is, you just never know what treasures await.

It's the school holidays here in Sydney, so we spent the afternoon having a look around. I went a bit crazy taking photos as I usually do.

Remember View-Masters? These were really popular when I was little. They were selling them yesterday for only $5 each. That's a retro bargain!

Need some mannequin legs? 

How cool is this fly artwork made out of old tyres and metal?

Love the illustrations on old books and albums.

A headless, sitting mannequin.

I love the vintage odds and sods you can pick up.

I also went to The Bower Co-Op that is right near Reverse Garbage. I'll save that for another blog post because I went overboard with the photos again :)

Thursday, 25 June 2015

The inventor of plastic pink garden flamingos has passed away

Hands up if you have a pink flamingo in your garden *raising my hand*

Donald Featherstone, the inventor of the plastic pink flamingos, has passed away, aged 79 years.

He died on Monday after battling Lewy body dementia.

Thank you Mr. Featherstone, for brightening up so many gardens.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Songs that make you feel ugh

I put it on the music channel last night while I was doing some work on the computer. The first song they played was 'Boys of Summer' by Don Henley.

I can't really say what it is about that song but it makes me feel sick. I mean he sings it well, the film clip is great but it leaves me feeling ugh and I don't know why.

Do you have a song that leaves you feeling like that?