Monday, September 18, 2017

What I like...

I'm always coming across new things I want to share with you all - books. products, bargains, homewares and just about everything really. I have been meaning to do this for a while, but I have just moved house...ugh moving is so exhausting! Don't want to be doing that again time soon.

I went to Big W (department store in Australia) last week and found the best Halloween wreath! I actually didn't know Halloween wreaths were a thing but I am loving their Day of the Dead wreath. My Instagram followers loved the look of it too. Retails for $25.00.

Nice change from all the pumpkin Halloween themed decorations that seem to saturate the shelves this time of year. I think Frida Kahlo would approve :)

Yarn Bombing and The Whimsical Tree

I recently donated a shopping bag full of knitting yarn to my local school. The school's art club requested the yarn so they could 'yarn bomb' one of their beautiful old trees.

The tree is now known as the Whimsical Tree. It's adorned with teapots, gems, buttons and crochet butterflies. The students have been very creative.

I have seen yarn bombs in different parts of Inner Western Sydney.  Telegraph poles wrapped in brightly coloured knitted yarn are always something pleasant to see.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A Gal’s Guide To A Signature Look That’s Timeless

It is one thing to create a personal style, but it’s another to have a signature look. The fact is that lots of women don’t have something they feel epitomises their style. And, if they do, it is something they hate and want to change. Of course, most women wish they had a trend which they pulled off every time. Well, the thing is you can as long as you take the time to understand what is needed to create one in the first place.

The following advice is how to find a signature look that is timeless. Enjoy!

Forget The Trends

Do you know what sets the women out from the girls? Independent women don’t care about what people think. Therefore, they don’t follow trends – they set them. Far too many gals see something they like but don’t pull the trigger because they are self-conscious. To them, it doesn’t seem like a piece that everyone else would wear. That is a good thing because it makes you unique. By screwing the trends, it is much easier to find the unusual items that will dictate your signature. So, put the magazines away and think for yourself.

Find A Focal Point

Nothing says signature more than an eye-catching piece of clothing. For one thing, they tend to be original, such as a name necklace. Soufeel – name necklace experts – believe they are a great addition for this very reason. But, there is no reason for them to be overly bulky or tacky. Everything comes in a smaller size, so it isn’t hard to downgrade. Moreover, there are focal points that are large yet that look perfectly proportionate. Take hooped earrings as an example. They are huge, but they never appear too big.


The key to a timeless yet original style is to have a solid foundation. Although women don’t think it to be the case, the classic pieces are the backbone of any look. Think of any person you admire from a fashion standpoint and you will agree. The difference is that they use accessories to stand out from the crowd. Rather than wear the same thing as the masses, they add small but significant details that take the piece to a new level. For instance, a hat is an excellent addition to a leather jacket, white t-shirt, and black jeans combo. Not only does it look different, but it is practical in the worsening weather.

Consult Your Style Icon

A woman like Blake Lively is an inspiration to millions of people. There is nothing wrong with admitting this because it doesn’t make you any less unique. In fact, you should embrace women like Blake if you want to create a signature style. By analyzing her choices, you can get inside her head and figure out how she thinks. Once this happens, you’ll be able to think one step ahead and come up with ideas of your own.

Remember that knowledge is power, especially in the world of fashion.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Keeping The Style Alive Throughout Summer

The change of the seasons is always an interesting time for the world of fashion. Anyone who has even the slightest interest in looking their best at all times of the year will need to pay some attention to the season and what is in fashion at any particular time. Summer can be a fun time, because you often have a lot of opportunity for dressing a little more extravagantly. Often, it is fun to celebrate the end of the darker months by really going all out on your summer outfits. But what are the essential must-haves for a summary wardrobe? Let’s have a look at the basics of your outfit for the sunnier days.


One of the best parts of dressing up in summer is being able to wear a summer hat. These come in so many shapes and sizes - so many, in fact, that they can be used surprisingly well to customize your look, no matter what kind of style you might be going for. If you find yourself at home kind of official or fancy function - a wedding perhaps - then the right hat can really finish off your look. The great thing here is that there isn’t really such a thing as a summer hat that is too over the top, so you have the opportunity to go as wild as you like with your choice of hat. Of course, if you prefer, you can stay for something relatively simple and straightforward - but where’s the fun in that?
Not only are sunglasses an important protective item - they are also a fashion necessity in the warmer months. Many people have known the difficulty of securing a pair of sunglasses which will actually suit your face. This can be a particularly difficult thing to get right, and it often takes a lot of time before you find your ideal pair for the summer. If you are anything like me, you might find that it is best to treat yourself to one or two pairs, just to be ready for the summer months. You can’t really have too many, and it means that you can mix and match with whatever clothing you might be wearing on any particular day.



It goes without saying that a hugely important part of dressing for summer is finding the right summery dress. There are so many popular styles that practically everyone will be able to find something which is suitable for them. A well-chosen dress can make the world of difference in terms of looking and feeling as summery as you want, so it is a good idea to shop early and fill your wardrobe with a few selections. Remember that you don’t necessarily need to go for the same old styles - floral and light might well be suitable for you, but if not there is nothing wrong with a skimpy black number, no matter what time of year it might be. As long as you are comfortable and happy, you have the right one.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

One Fashion Item Per Season: What's Most Important?

One fashion piece to be judged the most important for that season? Isn’t that madness?

Well, it might be, but aren’t you up for a challenge?

Let’s face it: most people interested in fashion tend to have a huge selection of clothes to pick from. In fact, it’s perfectly possible to be standing in front of a closet that is full to the brim, and still feel like we have nothing to wear. So why not scale it down for awhile, and think about the items that really matter to you?

We need some rules to do this right.

  1. Everything counts. So you can only pick from anything to do with fashion; winter coats are judged on the same level as small accessories. Let’s be ruthless!
  2. Lingerie and other essentials don’t count - they can be taken as a given that you will always need.
  3. Shoes don’t count. You’re always going to need shoes. Let’s be ruthless but also realistic.

So, what do you consider to be the single most important fashion piece that you wear per season? Here are some considerations…

Summer Sunniness

Keep it cool in more ways than one with your summer pick. It’s one of the cheaper months to shop for, too, which is always appreciated if you’re on a budget. Cropped trousers are great; and most of us rely on simple t-shirts to see us through the hottest months of the year. However, the one item that’s most important actually seems pretty obvious…

Choice: A light, floaty summer dress made of a fabric so simple that you can barely feel it on you. It keeps you cool while looking great, and can be dressed up for the evening or worn with flats for a trip to the park during the day. It’s simply got to be the summer dress.

Autumn Adornments

Autumn - or fall if you’re feeling American today - is, so it seems, everyone’s favourite season, so it should be pretty simple to choose. In fact, some of us love our fall clothing so much that we can be tempted to… well… spend more than we intended; who can resist the chunky knits and warm colour hues? It’s fortunate you can use coupons when buying your fall wardrobe, meaning you get the look without the expensive credit card bill. But which look is most important?

Choice: A light jacket, preferably in red or brown tones that signify fall to so many of us. It should be light enough to be comfortable on days when summer is having its last blast, but provide extra warmth when you can feel the icy grip of winter beginning to take hold.

Winter Warmers

Deciding which item of clothing for winter is all about one thing: staying warm. That means you’ve immediately got to give some thought to the big coats, the gloves, the scarves - all important. However, it’s up to you to decide which is the most important from a fashion perspective.

Choice: A scarf, preferably a big blanket scarf that could double for a sofa throw if required.They can be very cheap or very expensive, but nothing says winter like a scarf.

Spring Selections

Ah, spring, welcomed into the world after the cold and dark of winter. Spring is associated with so many things that make their way into fashion, which is why this is ultimately the easiest decision of all…

Choice: Anything! So long as it’s floral. Florals for spring is nothing groundbreaking, but it’s ubiquitous for a reason: we all love wearing florals as winter finally fades and spring bursts forth from the cold. A light floral-patterned bag is a great inexpensive choice to get the look without the bills.

So what would you choose?

Thursday, May 25, 2017

How the Right Jewellery Can Rescue Any Outfit

Sometimes, an outfit is just not working out for you the way you want it to. It’s in times like these that you need some help to put things straight and salvage it fast. If you don’t have time to get changed and experiment with something new, you could just rescue the outfit with the right choice of jewellery to accompany it. Read on to learn more about how the right jewellery can do just that.

Jewellery Can Add Missing Glamour

It can often the case that your outfit is simply not working out for you because it doesn’t offer you the glamour that you’re looking for. Without something sparkling and shining, some people simply don’t feel at their best, and there is nothing wrong with that. You might want to browse the options at if you need something that’s going to make you look the part. This is something that is also linked to self-confidence, so don’t be afraid to add that missing glamour to your outfit if it makes you feel better about how you look.

It Can Mask a Dull Outfit

If your problem with an outfit just feeling too dull and too conventional, the solution might be to mask its defaults and its dullness with some great jewellery. This is a perfectly legitimate way to go, and you should make the most of it. Yes, outfits can get a big samey and boring after a while. If you’re sick of wearing the same clothes, and they start to feel dull, you don’t necessarily have to spend big on new outfits. Instead, invest in the right jewellery that will be versatile and help to liven up a whole range of different outfits that you might wear from day to day.


You’ll Never Be Caught Wearing Exactly the Same Outfit as Someone Else

This is another major concern for a lot of women. They worry about being seen wearing something that is the same as another person. But you will most likely never be seen wearing the same thing as someone else if you add unique and interesting jewellery to whatever you’re wearing. It makes it stand out, and it stops the outfit looking exactly as it did when you took it off the clothes peg in the shop. That can only be a good thing because no one wants to feel like they’re wearing exactly the same kind of stuff as other people.

It Can Create Interesting Contrast

Sometimes, contrast can be really important when it comes to dressing yourself and making yourself feel good. For example, if you have a dark outfit, you can contrast those darker tones with something more eye-catching via your choice of jewellery. This is easy to do, but it really does make a difference to the overall effect that your outfit gives off to those who see it. Learn more about using contrast in fashion at It could really help you stand out and look great.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Gal’s Guide To Accessories For Every Occasion

If there’s one thing that every woman should master sooner rather than later, it’s learning to team accessories and outfits successfully together. Believe it or not, even the most boring look can be transformed with a few key accessories, which is why learning to accessorize is so vital. A lot of women who aren’t happy with how their outfits look, presume that they need a new wardrobe and that it’s because their outfits are outdated.

However, the truth is that most of the time it’s down to the fact that they’re just not accessorizing properly, that’s all. Believe it or not, any outfit can be transformed with a few well thought out accessories; it’s just a case of learning how to use them effectively. Of course, knowing how to use accessories successfully isn’t always easy, which is why we’ve put together this useful guide to using accessories to brighten up any look.


The casual look: For a casual look, what you want to do is select a few pretty pieces that match your outfit and work well when combined. Ideally, these will be pieces of costume jewelry so that they don't look too much. You don’t want to wear eye-catching pieces if your look is already bold, you want to keep your accessories to a minimum. However, if your outfit is rather plain and lacks style, teaming it with statement accessories like large hoop earrings, a chunky necklace, or a bright patterned bag could work well. It's all about balance.

For wearing to work: There’s a common misconception that workwear has to mean boring wear when that’s not the case. There might be a dress code for work, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t jazz up your look, so to speak. By teaming a selection of well thought out accessories together - pieces that are stylish but also smart and suitable for work - you can give your workwear a little added style while giving your self-esteem a boost.

For a wedding or special occasion: For a wedding or special occasion, naturally you want to dress up, and part of that comes from using accessories to add extra style and elegance to your look. Instead of wearing costume jewelry, a wedding is the perfect time to get our your diamond jewelry and flaunt it. Don’t have any pieces that you love? Then why not treat yourself to some? For an idea of where you can get the best pieces of diamond jewelry from, reading reviews like Kays Jewelers review can give you an idea of the quality of the pieces offered. They say diamonds are a girl's best friends, so what could be better than treating yourself to some diamond jewelry?

For a festival, party or night out: For adding extra style to your festival, party or night out look, selecting a few well thought out accessories can help. For these kinds of events, almost anything goes. The accessories you wear should be used to express yourself and add a little extra style to your look. Think costume jewelry, floral headbands, pretty shoes, and unique earrings.

There you have it, a gal’s guide to accessorizing for every occasion. To ensure that you always look your best and are as stylish as possible at every occasion, take note of the tips and suggestions above.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Updating the Slumber Party for Adulthood

There are some things that you're supposed to grow out of, but that you don't have to abandon as you get older. Sleepovers are so much fun as a child and teenager, so why shouldn't you take them into adulthood as well? When you're adult, you can make them even better. You might not get the thrill of doing naughty things you're not meant to be doing, but you do get the enjoyment of being able to whatever you want with no parents to catch you out. If you have a sleepover as an adult, you can improve on your childhood experiences by adding alcohol, proper food, and more grownup activities.

Have Grownup Drinks and Snacks

If you're going to have an adult slumber party, it is tempting to replicate those of your teen years. Lots of salty snacks and soda are good to pig out on now and then. But you're an adult, and you have access to money for whatever you want and better cooking skills than you had when you were 13. Plus, your tastes have possibly evolved a little. Not only can you make some grownup snacks or cook a meal, but you can also add cocktails and other drinks to the party too. Or you could just order food in - pizza is a classic, but there's so much more choice.

Get Comfy in Your PJs

You might all be adults, but that doesn't mean you're not allowed to sit around in your PJs all night. In fact, it's there's ever a perfect time to get comfortable, it's when you're having a night in with your friends. You can get your most comfortable pajamas out and wrap yourself in a bathrobe. Or maybe go all the way and commit to wearing a pair of footed pajamas. They super snuggly and comfortable. Start off the evening in your nightwear, and you'll be able to fall asleep wherever you're sitting, just like the good old days.

Vary the Entertainment

In the good old days, entertainment at a slumber party consisted of movies, a lot of giggling about various topics, and maybe some pampering too. An adult party might not look too different, but maybe you have some different ideas about what makes a fun time now. Depending on your group of friends, you might like playing some games, cooking or baking, doing some crafts, or just lounging around and watching TV. Have a few options available so that everyone doesn't have to do the same thing if they don't want to.

Do Something Silly

You might be an adult now, but sleepovers are all about getting in touch with your childish side. So doing something a bit silly could be just what you need to make your night extra fun. You could build a blanket fort, have a Nerf war, decorate your home with lots of glitter and fairy lights, or have a pillow fight.

A slumber party gives you the chance to relive your childhood, but do it better. This time, you have all the privileges of being an adult too.